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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Discrimination, especially against minorities, is strongly discouraged. This includes, but is not limited to: Racism, xenophobia. Homophobia, transphobia, and other queerphobia. Classism. Gatekeeping the "queer" status (acephobia, etc.)
  2. "Punching up" does not fall under the guideline above, and is allowed.
  3. Usage of right-wing figures of speech are strongly discouraged. Please keep yourselves up-to-date on the dog whistles that are going around. Of course, this point will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, as right-wing dog whistles are created to intentionally hijack everyday jokes and signs.
  4. Advertising is strongly discouraged. Fund raisers, users of the site selling their own products or advertising their services are fine - we absolutely do not want corporations to advertise on here, however.
  5. Posting media without media descriptions, also known as alt text, is strongly discouraged. We encourage you to enable the popups that warn you if you are about to toot or boost content that does not follow this guideline.
  6. Don't spam. Of course, some jokes are mostly repetitive (common "fedi bits"), but use common sense on where to draw the line. If the local timeline contains just your toots, you're taking it too far.
  7. Do not interpret these guidelines in bad faith, not even for "playing the devil's advocate". We are trying to foster a progressive community - if you have an issue with the guidelines, feel free to discuss it.
  8. You must use content warnings for content. This includes obvious topics such as sexual content, assault, mental health issues, but also less obvious ones like food, selfies, pictures with eye contact to the viewer, etc. Even if you may not find topics triggering at all, this helps.
  9. Any content illegal in Germany will be removed. We want this site to stay online, and as such, we have to follow laws in addition to our own morals.
Willkommen auf der offiziellen Mastodon-Instanz von HergornTV!

Ein genereller Verstoß gegen die oben genannten Richtlinien kann je nach Schweregrad zur Löschung eurer Beiträge oder eures Kontos führen.

Die Regeln dieses Servers basieren auf den den Regeln der Instanz https://catcatnya.com, da die Betreiber:innen beider Instanzen befreundet sind.

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
aidoru.cafe Spam (bot spamming pictures of now defunct idol group "Twinkle")
ancreport.com Facists
angrytoday.com freeze peach
aria.company precautionary, re: idolheaven.org
bae.st the usual bigotry
bajax.us fashy single-user instance, harassment
beefyboys.club active harassment
beefyboys.win active harassment
brighteon.social full of facist conspiracy nuts
cawfee.club acceptance of transphobia and other queerphobia
cdrom.tokyo federates with a lot of weird instances, moderation seems to be lacking
c.ggc-project.de anti-semitism, covid denial, facism
childpawn.shop Yikes for the domain name alone.
chungus.cc fashy instance, active harassment
collapsitarian.io admins like using racial slurs
comfyboy.club racism and other bigotry
cum.salon active harassment, racism and all of the other bigotry
detroitriotcity.com freeze peach, and just look at the domain name, honestly.
develop.gab.com gab
devtube.dev-wiki.de anti-semitism, covid denial, facism
devtube.ggc-project.de anti-semitism, covid denial, facism
d-fens.systems two-user instance whose admin follows fascists and which has a massive follow-bot
dirtyhobby.xyz (actually subdomain "my") undesirable porn spam
djsumdog.com right-wing shit
dobbs.town admin and top user defend transphobia under the guise of "listening to both sides".
eientei.org racism in about page, active harassment
escovan.net https://web.archive.org/web/20220518194915/https://space.escovan.net/@escovan/108312192701225252
eveningzoo.club queerphobia, racism and active harassment
fedichive.tk Malicious scraping
fediverse.to instance scraper
firefaithfellowship.com "With an election to rig and a deadly injection to push censorship was required."
flauschig.social admin has made racist statements on twitter in 2022
fluf.club "freeze peach" instance
foxfam.club freeze peach
freeatlantis.com all kinds of bigotry
freecumextremist.com Do I even need to give a reason for this one?
freespeechextremist.com freeze peach, extremer Mist
freespeech.group freeze peach
freespeech.host freeze peach
freetalklive.com admin is a cryptobro
friendica.eskimo.com freeze peach
gab.ai duh
gab.com duh
gameliberty.club links bae.st in maintenance page
gegenstimme.tv PeerTube-Instanz von AUF1. Muss ich mehr dazu sagen?
getgle.org channers, so many channers
gitmo.life for good measure
gleasonator.com The maker of Soapbox.
glindr.org "gender criticals"
glowers.club alt-right instance
gorf.pub "freeze peach" instance
hackers.town admin collaborates with feds
haeder.net single-user instances, hates nazis and queer people alike (see block reasons at https://f.haeder.net/friendica)
happylittle.cloudns.cc transphobia
hatesnigge.rs See domain name for obvious reason
helladoge.com crypto crap
hitchhiker.social right-wing shit
honkwerx.tech single-user instance, all kinds of bigotry
hubzilla.eskimo.com freeze peach
iddqd.social channer instance
idolheaven.org Single-user instance, fetishizes asian girls/women
justicewarrior.social freeze peach instance, as right-wing as it gets
kitsunemimi.club admin retweets fascists a lot, harassed another instance admin directly
kiwifarms.cc self-explanatory
kys.moe domain name
leafposter.club racism, queermisia, and other bigotry
lolicon.rocks all kinds of bigotry
lolison.top pedophilia
lovingexpressions.net transphobia
mahodou.moe administrator interacts a lot with people that have swastika emojis in their name.
mastodon.green Rule 4 contradicts rule 2. Instance is based on xenophobia.
minidisc.tokyo same admin as cdrom.tokyo, therefore probably same lack of moderation
monads.online tankies
mstdn.io freeze peach + https://gist.github.com/Angristan/2f2f36452a8a23e7d8c31529f4d02487#instances-were-blocked-from-as-far-as-we-know
mstdn.starnix.network freeze peach
musksocial.com domain name
narrativerry.xyz conspiracy myths
nazi.social Hm, I wonder what this suspension could be for.
neckbeard.xyz fascism
newjack.city unmoderated
nicecrew.digital As stated on their own page: Neither nice, nor a crew. (federates with freeze peach instances)
noagendasocial.com freeze peach, moderators ignore anti-semitism, r-slurs
ns.auction All of the bigotry, and racism as the main theme of the instance
open.tube PeerTube instance with lots of local users uploading alt-right content
paypig.org unmoderated shithole
p.helene.moe single-user instance, interacts with fascists
pkte*****.xyz freeze peach
poa.st bigotry
psimon.world follow-bots, spam
querdenken-711.de the result of QAnon in Germany.
radiosocial.org Has been an instance for amateur radio people once, blocked out of caution
rakket.app the usual bigotry
rdrama.cc a bunch of channers
ryona.agency fashy single-user instance, active harassment
sealion.club TERF instance
search.fedi.app Follow-bot
shitposter.club freeze peach, also promotes NFTs in About page
shortstackran.ch racism, queermisia, and other bigotry resulting in harassment
sleepy.cafe racism and other bigotry
smuglo.li channer
smugloli.net channer
sneed.shop channer instance, transphobia
social.dev-wiki.de anti-semitism, covid denial, facism
social.ggc-project.de anti-semitism, covid denial, facism
social.glx-consulting.com Conspiracy myths.
social.midwaytrades.com There is too much wrong with this instance to list here, other than merely freeze peach and transphobia
social.pseudo-whiskey.bar pedophilia
solagg.com crypto crap
spinster.xyz TERFs
succubi.services [redacted]
sweet.succubi.services [redacted]
teci.world the usual bigotry
terrible.place single-user instance inhabited by a racist and otherwise bigoted channer
tkammer.de single-user instance, transphobia
tmediatech.io trump
truthsocial.co.in see domain name for obvious reason
truthsocial.com just in case they decide to federate
truthsocialpro.org truth social / trump fan instance
twitter.1d4.us Spam
varishangout.net lolicon, execution videos
weeaboo.space the usual bigotry
wolfgirl.bar admin account is bigoted in ALL of the ways
write.freethinkers.lgbt run by freespeech.group admin
yggdrasil.social actual nazis